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  • 傳力智能
    Focus on solid liquid metering and batching and system engineering
    About Us
    Force adhering to the "professional quality, sincere to send" business philosophy, with professional quality products, serve you wholeheartedly.

    Transcell Group founded in 1981 in Chicago, is a world famous enterprise group that specializes in the production of resistance strain gauges, loadcells, weighing indicators and various weighing system and its products are sold to whole America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, etc Based on the global business strategy, Transcell has established many branch companies all over the world. In Asian regions, its main branch companies include Taibei Transcell, Nanjing Transcell and Changzhou Transcell, etc.

    Companies adhering to the "guarantee first-class quality, keep the level of honor" business philosophy

    The phone:0519-85266918

    Mobile:133 5817 3777



    Address: 5 building, Chuang Yan port, 18 science and Education City, Changwu Middle Road, Wujin District, Changzhou

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